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Program for Addictions Consultation and Treatment

The Program for Addictions Consultation and Treatment (PACT) is a specialty program of the Psychological Clinic of the Graduate School of Applied Psychology (GSAPP). PACT was begun in 1984 as a collaborative program of the Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies and St. Peter’s University Hospital and moved to the Psychological Clinic in 1999. PACT services can be obtained by calling the Psychological Clinic at 848-445-6111 Ext-2 to schedule an initial evaluation. We are located on the Busch Campus of Rutgers University, at 152 Frelinghuysen Rd., Piscataway, NJ 08854-8085. All services are provided on a sliding scale, which ranges from $0 to $100. Initial comprehensive assessments are $70. Direct client payment for services is required; we do not bill any third-party insurance carriers.

Whom do We Serve?

    PACT provides outpatient services to adults and older adolescents who have problems with alcohol or drugs, and to individuals concerned about the alcohol or drug use of a family member or loved one. We are happy to see clients from any background, and do not discriminate based on sex, race, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or any other personal characteristics. We accept clients referred by the courts, through probation or parole officers, or by Intoxicated Driver Resource Centers (IDRCs). Clients who receive our services must be able to function outside of an institutional setting. We do not provide detoxification, inpatient, residential, or intensive outpatient services, and clients who need these kinds of services will be referred elsewhere. We do not offer methadone maintenance or other medication-based treatments.

What Services do we Offer?

    PACT believes that each client is unique, and that treatment should be planned for the needs of each individual. Our treatment program is not a fixed length of time, and we do not require any specific treatments or recovery activities for all clients. We provide comprehensive assessments of drinking and drug use as well as other psychological problems. We offer individual therapy, couples/family treatment, and group therapy. PACT is the host for a SMART recovery group. Space is also provided at Rutgers University for meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous.

What is our Treatment Philosophy?

    We recognize that there are multiple pathways to successful change, and believe that each client needs to find just the right combination of ingredients to be successful. We conduct an individualized assessment of each client, and plan treatment based on the results of that assessment. Clients have an active role in the planning of their treatment.

    Scientific research has taught us a good deal about how to assess clients and provide treatment. Whenever possible, we use approaches to assessment and treatment that are backed up by good research. We believe that successful change requires active effort on the part of the client to learn new ways of thinking, coping with emotions, and changing ingrained habits and patterns. The support of others is often an important part of the change process. We use cognitive-behavioral techniques to help clients learn these new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting, and often involve loved ones in the treatment to provide support. We encourage the use of self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or SMART, if the clinician and client believe that these programs will be a helpful source or support or inspiration.

    We believe that abstinence is the safest choice if a person has developed an alcohol or drug problem. We recognize, however, that not all clients are ready to stop using completely, and we will work with clients who are not certain about their goals.

Who Provides Services?

    Treatment is provided by clinical psychologists in training. The program director is Frederick Rotgers, PsyD, ABPP. Dr. Rotgers has more than 30 years experience in the assessment and treatment of persons with substance use disorders. Dr. Rotgers is Board Certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology in two specialties: Clinical Psychology and Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology. He is widely published and is a past president of the American Psychological Association’s Society of Addiction Psychology (APA Division 50). He supervises all clinicians and oversees the treatment of all PACT clients. Dr. Rotgers is both a Licensed Psychologist and a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor in New Jersey.

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