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Women Helping Women at Rutgers developed a partnership with Women Helping Women, a 39-year-old non-profit organization in New Jersey devoted to empowering women, girls and teens to take control of their lives. While the original locations of Women Helping Women have since closed their door, Women Helping Women at Rutgers continues to offer services to women from throughout central New Jersey. Our women therapists provide therapy and psychoeducation sessions to women of all ages, races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, nationalities, and physical abilities.

WHW History:


    Women Helping Women at Rutgers offers individual, couple, family, and group therapy to female-identified clients of all ages. Our therapies include a variety of evidence-based practices that can help children, teens, and adults deal with issues related to domestic violence, sexual abuse, divorce, depression, anxiety, loss, self-esteem, peer pressure, relationships and addiction. While we do not accept insurance, our therapy services are provided on a sliding scale based on the client’s current household income. We also are able to help women find therapy outside of Women Helping Women, if we are not able to help them directly for any reason.

    Community Outreach
    Additionally WHW at Rutgers offers community consultation services. Our therapists are able to come to your community organization and offer workshops and/or groups in a multitude of areas impacting women’s wellness. For example, in the past, we have facilitated community workshops on substance use and assertiveness skills in teen girls. Please contact us with any ideas, suggestions, or requests.


    Dr. Ayorkor Gaba is the clinical director at WHW at Rutgers University. She is a licensed psychologist who brings her passion, training, and expertise in addictions, cultural psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and family systems to her role as clinical director. Dr. Gaba received her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at Rutgers University and is currently an American Psychological Association appointed representative to the United Nations.

    Each year, new Rutgers University graduate students pursuing their doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology join the team at Women Helping Women and provide therapeutic services. These students have been trained and supervised directly by experts in the field of psychology, and are directly supervised by Dr. Gaba on a weekly basis during their time at Women Helping Women. Through Dr. Gaba, they receive specific training in evidencebased practices for trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, and family issues. We have a culturally diverse staff, which value the importance of integrating culture into treatment.

How to contact us

To learn more about services, you can check out our main website at or call us at 848-445-6111 ext 40171.
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